Friday, April 27, 2012

The Craft Shop at Craft Victoria

Fridays here are all about the shops in one way or another, and this one's online (and instore). Craft Victoria have a range of deliciously unique and colourful things for sale and, with Mothers' Day coming up, it struck me that this would be one place to source some great gifts. How about these, for starters?

Shop online at The Craft Shop, and visit Craft Victoria at 31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.

Linen tea towel by Sydney visual artist Tom Polo + Third Drawer Down

Craft Victoria coffee cups, by Ingrid Tufts (ceramics) and Michaela Brutons (illustrations)

Handmade knitting needles by Nikki Gabriel

Necklace by Melbourne-based designer Emily Green
This last is for the kids, not for mum, but that is a seriously cool colour for seriously cold days. LOOPE by Edwina Bolger woolen hat.

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