Some of you have asked what 'the reasons' are. Well, it's a lyric from a Leonard Cohen song, Chelsea Hotel no. 2, one of my favourites. It's a song that I hear as being not only an ode to an old love, but also an ode to the city, to New York.

I'm in love with the city where I live, Melbourne. And there are lots of reasons to love Melbourne, to love any city in which you live. There are the people, who build and create. There are the products of that creativity - the art and craft, the food made with love, the coffee and conversations thoughtfully expressed. There are the spaces, the galleries, the shops and (most of all) the streets where that creativity takes root.

Cities are great, complex networks of reasons. Reasons to live there, reasons to engage, reasons to get up in the morning and go exploring, find out what's out there, do it, love it.

So, in this blog I'll share some of my reasons, for a few places, but mostly reasons for Melbourne and the things that happen there, the people that live there, and the art that comes there and from there.

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