Thursday, May 17, 2012

Human Rights Arts and Film Festival

Celebrating awareness, participation, and inspiration, the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival is back in Melbourne for 2012 to explore a range of human rights issues through film, music, and art, plus a program of forums in which to get engaged. The festival is running now until the 27th of May. You should explore the full program on the website, but here are just three taster events and exhibitions to get you activated!

No Vacancy Gallery are hosting an exhibition, Echoes of Others, that examines the interplay of digital technologies and the rapid dissemination of information through the media. The exhibition promises a poetic experience of encounters with echoes and ambiguities - silenced voices, and fading images. It will cause you to reflect on how communication and miscommunication affect human rights globally or, simply, how humans treat each other. The exhibition will run until the close of the Festival on the 27th of May.

On Sunday, 20th May from 1.30 til early evening, The Abbotsford Convent will hold the annual HRAFF Rhythm & Rights, an event that celebrates cultural diversity in an enchanting and joyous way. The program includes dance, music, and performance acts, plus a host of food and craft stalls within the beautiful Abbotsford Convent setting.

And something more to look out for (and you'll have to keep your city scouting eyes on lookout!) is the planned live wall painting by street artists Boo and Tom Civil. They'll be painting a portable wall near Swanston and Lonsdale Streets, and you can expect it to appear a couple of days leading up to the free Off The Wall forum at RMIT. The forum will address the role of street art in voicing human rights issues and which is to be held at RMIT on 23rd May (they suggest booking a seat quickly!).
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